As a lighting solutions provider of international building projects, Patrick has been working with Architects, Planners and Real Estate Owners for most of his professional life. At some point, it just made sense to use his Swiss construction business experience, to work with the same network of people and to do more than just lighting – so he decided to get involved in the real estate market.

After an extensive due diligence phase, Patrick, together with his cousin as a co-investor, invested into his first residential real estate development in the city of Basel in 2015. The project was a big success. Patrick was then repeatedly asked by friends and business partners for a possibility of co-investing. To that end and inspired by Michael’s club deals for venture capital, he developed a club deal structure together with specialists, designed specifically for real estate transactions.

The exit of his first project successfully took place at the end of 2017. In the meantime, two new projects were started and are currently being developed, one of which is already in construction, the second project is due to start in the spring of 2019.

Current investors appreciate these professional business cases, which deliver above-average returns when benchmarked against other real estate investments in Switzerland.

Historically low interest rates as well as a solid potential for renewal and concentration of existing living space will continue to ensure a robust demand for real estate in selected areas in the future.

How we do it and why we are successful

We believe, that the most important success factor is, that we stick to focus areas and project criteria.

It is all about Focus

We are focusing on micro-locations, which show a lack of availability of new and contemporary living spaces. Geographically, our current focus lies in the Basel area, one of the world’s leading life-science hubs and third largest city of Switzerland. Until recently, its population stagnated for many years and so did investments into new real estate developments. This fact, as well as the forecast of a growing population is generating a demand for new real estate in this area. Thus, in comparison to other Swiss cities, the demand for home ownership in Basel continues to be strong.

Other locations of interest are neighborhoods, which undergo significant demographical changes.

We e also take a great interest in neighborhoods, which are „up and coming“ and therefore have a potential for upselling, compared to the existing standard of living and pricing.

You will find project examples under “Track Record” below.

Project Criteria:

Project Size

Our work includes an ongoing search for the ideal property with the right potential to invest in. It is a lengthy and time-consuming process, in which we are actively using our personal professional network. In the process, we are screening countless sites and properties, until we decide to further examine a specific site or even start with our due diligence. At this early stage, we are looking at various factors within the micro-location, such as:

We strongly believe, that it is the quality of a thorough due diligence, that will later have a significant impact on the economic success of a project. The result of our due dilligence is the basis that we use, for the actual definition of our future product offering and its positioning in the market.

Subsequently, we see our due diligence as being the first crucial step in risk management.

Risk Management

We invest our own money

The investment process is clear and transparent. We invest our own money and invite co-investors to join us under the same terms and conditions.

Track Record

We are professional real estate developers and active investors. Since 2015, we invested in three real estate developments with one successful exit in 2017 as well as two new developments with exits to come in 2020 and 2021.

Johannshof Residence

Basel St. Johann

  • background: transform a commercial space
    into residential living space and increase volume
  • added value: develop 32 apartments with versatile
    floor plans, that allow different types of housing, sold
    at a medium-level pricing
  • Investment beginning 2015
  • Closing end of 2017
  • Sales value CHF 29 MM




  • background: turn a plot with a 1970s villa into a
    multiple-housing concept
  • added vaulue: develop 8 semi-detached houses with individual as well as communal gardens, sold at a medium-level-pricing
  • Investment 2017
  • Sales value CHF 16 MM



Basel Bruderholz

  • background: transform a property with
    a 20th century house in a park-like
    environment into a space of luxury
  • added value: develop 3 residential
    building with a total of 18 apartments,
    that are highly customisable, including
    above-average large individual terraces
    for each unit
  • Investment 2017
  • Sales value CHF 28 MM

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Patrick Dreyfus, Board Member and Managing Partner
Phone: +41 61 568 8203
Mobile: +41 79 415 8393